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I have learnt many new things; coding, thinking creatively, etc. Now my coding and critical thinking skills have improved.

Aalaau Adhunaan Hassan

Coding and Critical Thinking Junior 2022

I had a lot of fun by doing the activities I have learned so many things that I haven’t even heard of before.

Abysha Joby

Advanced Coding 2022

This program has helped me a lot. First I recognised my strengths and weaknesses. I learnt the many different forms of writing, and a lot more.

Aishath Ada

Creative English 2022

This program is fun and very interesting. Coding is a new thing for me and with the help of this program I have learned many basic things about coding.

Aishath Eman Thasleem

Coding and Critical Thinking Junior 2022

I have learned a lot from this program. We mostly learned Python. We learned “for loops” and “while loops”. My coding skills have Improved rapidly.

Alyan Hussain Ahmed

Advanced Coding 2022

So far in this program I have learned and tried many things basically things we should know to better ourselves.

Aminath Mishya Ahmed

Leaders of tomorrow 2022

So far, I’ve learnt a lot about HTML. I didn’t know how to code before I joined this programme, and I wasn’t that interested, either. I’m now good at coding.

Eva Mohamed Azmeel

Coding and Critical Thinking Senior 2022

So far in this program I have learnt how to make buttons and change fonts, colors and styles in a code. My coding skills have improved a lot.

Ibrahim Risal Ali Riza

Coding and Critical Thinking Senior 2022

The important things I’ve learnt so far are creative writing techniques, types of poetry, and that telling a story involving senses.

Insha Ahmed Shifaz

Creative English 2022

I have learnt lots of new things trough this program such as for loops, if statements, and many more.

Ismail Azaan Mohamed

Advanced Coding 2022

I have learned a lot in creative English the best part was learning about feelings. I also learned to describe characters in stories.

Izz Hamza Abdulla

Creative English 2022

I have learned a lot in this program like python, python codes, functions, and many more.

Kiyaan Hussain Shiyam

Advanced Coding 2022

I have learnt the importance of coding and just how useful it can be in our daily life, I think that my coding skills have improved drastically.

Looth Mohamed Wafir

Advanced Coding 2022

There are many things that I learnt from this program, some of the ones that particularly stuck with me was the importance of time management.

Mariyam Eshal Yoosuf

Leaders of tomorrow 2022

I have learned how to write and put pictures on a website and I have definitely improved my thinking abilities as I can think in a wider range.

Mariyam Raya Shinaz

Coding and Critical Thinking Senior 2022

I learned about the many types of coding you can use to code algorithms for technology to make a good difference in the world.

Ma’aalee Kiyaan Mohamed

Coding and Critical Thinking Junior 2022

I have learnt many important things in coding. My coding and thinking skills have improved quiet a lot.

Mohamed Mashal Ishaq

Coding and Critical Thinking Junior 2022

I have learnt an innumerable amount of things such as poetry along with Similes , metaphors and so much more!

Mohamed Rayan Makram

Creative English 2022

I learnt a lot of things that would help me to become a great leader. I learnt about skills in writing, speaking and presenting.

Muan Mohamed Rasheed

Leaders of tomorrow 2022

I developed critical thinking by attempting various quizzes throughout the program. Now I believe there are many ways to accomplish a single task.

Muhammadh Arshah Abdulla

Coding and Critical Thinking Senior 2022

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