Coding and Critical Thinking 2024

Coding and Critical Thinking II is an extracurricular learning programme by theCircle Academy of Ugail Foundation aimed to introduce essential coding and thinking skill to students of age between 7 years and 14 years. The prime aim of this programme is to develop the mindset of the child towards logical and rational thinking along with the enhancement of the necessary awareness as well as knowledge on the use of modern computer coding. This is a one-year programme delivered online by professional UK based tutors. The programme will start off gently with no prerequisite from the student. The programme will then go on teaching and enhancing the student’s thinking skills, awareness, and coding skills. Throughout the programme, we will be using proven learning techniques to engage students and to keep them interested in their learning. 

NB: To join this programme, the student must have successfully completed our previous Coding and Creative Thinking 2023 programme.