The Circle Kids – 2020

The Circle Kids Program was designed for children aged 8-15 years old, mainly focusing on bettering the students’ English language skills. To make the learning experience more enjoyable we also taught computer coding and robotics in this program. Lectures were carried out weekly by our devoted UK-based tutors who also prepared thought-provoking activities every week centered on a learning subject. Students were motivated and encouraged to complete given activities as they were given individualized, positive, and timely feedback on our portal. As all lectures were carried out online, via zoom, students were given the opportunity to hear from world-renowned professionals around the world. In detail, said authors, scientists, and artists were invited to impart their knowledge and experience to help students become better versions of themselves. To take a step further, we also organized a special project to allow our students to have a memento of their time spent in the program. For the year 2020, students who participated in this program developed a book of their own called 'Life in 2040' which is now available on Amazon for purchase.