Coding for Apps – 2020

Coding for Apps was a 6-month program taught from October 2020 – to March 2021 for those aged 16 and above. We provided the students with the required coding skills for developing websites and web-based applications. Our dedicated UK-based tutors provided weekly lectures and tutorial sessions online to assist students to acquire key abilities such as Python programming, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS along with weekly activities. Individualized feedback was provided for students on our portal, which houses all student work and activities. Apart from coding, students were also assigned personal projects and a group project called 'The Big Art Project' – a website that showcases the work of young artists, giving them a platform to secure funding. This website is still under construction, but it is to be completed at the end of the year, 2021. With the completion of this program, students had developed skills to create their own websites and web-based applications.