Coding and Critical Thinking 2021

The Coding and Critical Thinking program (2021) was a year-long program for students aged 8 to 16 that began in January 2021 and ended in December 2021. We educated students with the necessary coding skills for building websites and web-based applications and key abilities such as Python programming, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS along with lectures, presentations, and activities that promote critical thinking. In addition to this, students were also given tips and activities on creative English and many other topics by our UK-based tutors. Students were given access to our portal where individualized feedback was available for the work they submit. Meeting recordings were available for the students to watch/refer to at a later date on the portal as well. Just like many of our other programs, students were assigned a project to work on as well. The students of this program developed and published a website called 'Island Legend' with the help of our staff.