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the Circle Academy

We educate and empower people.
We are committed in creating the best minds who are technologically savvy and who can critically think.
We are different. And that’s how we make a difference.

the Circle Kids Learning Programme

This programme is delivered to kids of ages between 8 years and 15 years. In this programme, we teach kids computer coding, robotics, critical thinking skills, writing and speaking skills (especially teaching kids how to write and speak fluent English). Teaching is delivered in a blended fashion, and teaching is led by UK based tutors who join the kids online on a weekly basis.

Learning is delivered through self-paced fun activities. Kids are given thought provoking activities around a learning theme and usually given a week to complete and submit their work online.

Individual feedback is given to every piece of activity the kids submit. As part of the teaching tutors from the UK, join the kids on a weekly via online sessions. Key experts from around the world also join kids online to teach, advise and inspire our kids. For example, we invite internationally accredited scientists, writers and artists to join our kids on a regular basis throughout the programme.

In addition to this, in this programme, we run themed programmes to take our teaching and improve awareness among our kids to one step further. For example, this year the Circle kids on this programme are writing a book about “Life in 2040” which will be published on Amazon.

Here are some sample activities:

Coding for Apps

Currently running from October 2020 to March 2021 Coding for Apps is a learning a 6 month programme for 16+ years. Through this programme, we are teaching the necessary coding skills for programming web based apps. Key skills the students are learning are Python programming, HTML, JavaScripts, CSS. There is also an individual project and a group project that the students must complete.

The programme is delivered online. Weekly lectures and tutorials are delivered online by our UK based tutors. Activities are set on a weekly basis, and feedback on the activities are given online.

Coding and Critical Thinking for Kids

This programme will be delivered to kids of ages between 8 years and 15 years online by our UK based tutors. In this programme, we will teach kids coding (Python, HTML, JavaScript and CSS) and thinking skills. Learning is to be delivered through self-paced fun activities. Kids will be given thought provoking activities around coding and critical thinking. Kids will be required to complete a minimum of one activity every week. Kids also must attend a weekly online session (usually held on Saturday afternoon) with our UK based tutors.

Fees: Registration MVR 200, Monthly fee: MVR 300

Leaders of Tomorrow

This is an exclusive programme and a personal initiative by our President Professor Ugail. In this programme kids who have demonstrated the potential (usually through one of our previous learning programmes or an interview) to succeed at the highest level along with the possession of a supportive environment are selected and invited to enrol. In this programme, kids will learn how to succeed and how to become leaders in their chosen fields. They will learn how to gain the necessary subject knowledge. They will become aware of how the world around them works, and how it shapes over time. They will learn how to think. They will learn how to communicate. They will learn how to network. They will learn how to always present themselves in their best form, even in the most challenging situations. This is an intensive, task and project driven programme.